Tony Cherry
US Open Champ Tony Cherry of NZ showing off his trophy (photo: warren schultheiss)


US Waveski Open

1st Place Tony Cherry, NZ

2nd Place Fletcher Burton, Ca.

3rd Place Tyler Lausten, Hi.

4th Place Alexander Stubbs, Ma.

Fletcher Burton (photo: warren schultheiss)
US Champ Fletcher Burton being generally excited & awesome (photo: warren schultheiss)

Waveski Junior

1st Place Tyler Lausten, Hi.

2nd Place Alexander Stubbs, Ma.

Tyler Being Interviewed by Jason Kozen (photo: warren schultheiss)
Tyler Being Interviewed by Jason Kozen (photo: warren schultheiss)

Waveski New Age

1st Place Ricky Miller, NJ.

2nd Place Warren Schultheiss, Ca.

3rd Place Casey Desharnais, Ca.

4th Place Fletcher Burton, Ca.

Waveski Senior

1st Place Tony Cherry, NZ.

2nd Place Jim Riecks, FL.

3rd Place Vince Shay, Ca.

4th Place Steve Moser, Ca.

Waveski Master

1st Place Jim Grossman, IA.

2nd Place Greg Keenan FL.

3rd Place Sean Morely, Ca.

4th Place William Luhrs, Ca.

Waveski Grand Master

1st Place Roger Adams, Ca.

2nd Place Mark Pastick, Ca.

3rd Place Stephen Riordan, Ga.

4th Place Stewart Diesal Reynolds, Va.

Waveski Veterans

1st Place Chuck Menzel, Ca.

2nd Place Lannie M. Spencer, Ca.

3rd Place Michael T. Wright, Ca.

4th Place Dennis St. Claire, Ca.

Waveski Womens

1st Place Wina Dumin, SA.

2nd Place Teresa Rogerson Ca.

3rd Place Kate Smith, Ca.

Waveski Freestyle Merv Class

1st Place Jim Grossman, Ca.

2nd Place Chuck Menzel, Ca.

3rd Place Mike Harrington, Ca.

4th Place William Luhrs, Ca.

Kayak HP Open

1st Place Sean Morley, Ca.

2nd Place Jim Grossman, IA.

3rd Place Chris Russ, Ca.

4th Place Geoff Jennings, Ca.


Results for the 2008 United States Waveski Championships
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