The Lost Archives of ’08

Ok, so maybe they were not lost ;’)

After searching through the great cavern of files we found this wonderful trove of un-edited raw photos from the 2008 US Championship shot by Vincent Shay. Probably one of the most prolific shoots ever of a Waveski comp, many sequence shots and some fantastic pictures. If you competed in 2008 it is highly likely there are some good HD photos of you here. For those looking for the best waves, look for Sundays pictures of classic beautiful surf and superb surfing in the Finals.

However, here is the catch, there are over 3500 pictures! Your goal its search and find yours. Feel free to download, as we are not sure how long this huge treasure trove of pictures will be accessible. These pictures are not to be resold or redistributed.

If you watch this as a slide show it could take a whole day and may qualify as the worlds longest paddle surfing slide show.;’)

Click the Picture of this empty Ventura Wave (with the Island in the background!) below to access the photo gallery, Enjoy!


PS. Do not forget to thank Vince!

The Lost Photos of ’08 Championship

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