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      It’s just talk right now, but I met with TGSA, Texas Gulf Surf Assoc, President this weekend and she informed me that our TGSA has been asked by AAU, Amateur Athletic Union, to host the 2012 AAU National Surfing Championships here the first weekend of October. She said we need $15,000 and she already has $10,000 committed, so I’ve offered to help try raising the balance.
      But, here’s the interesting part. Because of how well our Cinco de Mayo contest went and because of how intrigued and well accepted the waveskiers were to the board surfing community, including the Pros from the East and West Coasts, USWA competitors are being asked if we’re interested in having the waveski division join in.
      The unity shown a few weeks ago between the board surfing community and the few of us who competed in the waveski division, could potentially transcend to a national level if we could pull this off. The downside is that the suggested dates would be the weekend before the USWA Nationals in Ventura, so I don’t know how many would be interested in competing two weekends in a row. I think for us to have any legitimacy in the waveski division for any type of national level contest, we’d need at least a few top competitors from both east and west coasts.
      Or, another option would be if Brian and Roger would like to take this year off and let someone else do all the hard work and responsibility, I think we could potentially combine both nationals and have them here.
      This is preliminary discussion so no one change your plans yet as we’ve got to get after raising the balance of money before the TGSA can commit to AAU in time to meet their deadline and I don’t know when that is.
      BTW, October is usually our most solid month for surf. If you click on this link and scroll down to the Surf Albums taken during three of the weekends in October, 2011, there are surf pics. Our contest site would be at this spot, Bob Hall Pier.


      I’d appreciate feedback from everyone to see how much interest there would be in competing in an AAU National Contest as suggested. I figure it’s only a “slim to none” chance that Brian and Roger would consider combining the contests and having the venue here, but let me know anyway.

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      You might have something going there BigGriz! Texas is in the middle of the West and East Coast, and might be a great venue for October 2012, if you can get all the funding required.

      Those on the West and East Coast along with those living up North would have to fly there and campout in your office.

      Logistics and overall cost… would you say Texas would be the least cost for the organizers and participant’s out of pocket expenses?

      Naturally, those living up the street from Ventura would say, “no” from a personal cost viewpoint, but could it generate more participation and positive PR for USA waveskiing?


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      Hi Rick
      The idea of having another quality Waveski comp is something we support in every way and as always we will help with whatever we can. However moving or canceling Ventura Waveski Championships is not an option for many reasons besides the fact we have already paid for October.

      Having more Comps on the East Coast has been goal of mine, I would like to add at least,one more. Just don’t have the time right now. Moving the Championships from the West to the East is the other problem. The problem with the East Coast and the Gulf for a Championship is the lack of consistent surf. It’s too hit or miss in the East and Gulf whereas California has proven itself consistent. The other thing is that we would not be comfortable handing over years of work (building the Championships) to another Organization to run. Perhaps if we retire one day? heh

      One other big concern would be running back to back events, I don’t think it would be a good start for a new Texas event to run a week before Ventura, many of us could not make it and it would not bode well for a new event.

      Really love the idea of a new comp just not the timing or handing over the Championships to someone else.

      Much Regards

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      Hey Rick
      I’ve agree with Kuzmarian..
      Your plan is kinda close to the nationals & would probally make it difficult to many of us to attend both

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      It was just a suggestion that was offered. I guess their dates were already set, so I had no control over that. The unfortunate thing is that if we hold AAU board surfing nationals here and don’t include waveski when offered, we will more than likely miss that opportunity for the future.
      I’m the type who likes to jump on things when they’re hot and the suggestion of including waveski with AAU nationals this year is a rare opportunity, only generated because of our most recent contest which included Fletch and Ty and they really helped stir things up among boardies who have influence. It’s just unfortunate that the dates are back to back. If AAU comes here this October, then next year their nationals will probably be on the west or east coast and not have the local momentum of support as we have here this year.
      There’s still no guarantee that we can even host the event this October, but she was just asking if everything fell into place, could we participate?

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      GA Animal

      Is this a local initiative, or one from AAU for the adding of waveski’s? If from AAU we should be talking to them directly and making the arrangements for inclusion in the 2013 event, wherever. Your between a rock and a hard place with this years event.

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      influence with the AAU surfing community. I don’t believe the AAU is the one volunteering to include us, but with her influence and if we could host the board surfing nationals, she said she could pull it off this year. Now, on the other hand, if we end up not hosting that nationals this year, but commit to hosting it next year, then that gives us time to plan and get everything right, including timing of USWA nationals, but if so, we need to keep up the local momentum and enthusium about waveskiing. She has also offered to include a waveski division in the Texas State Surfing Circuit if I can get enough Texas competitors committed to have at least one final heat at each contest, which is one per month starting in March through November. This would be a blast for me, not that I want any rewards for competing against locals, I just enjoy the competitive spirit and surfing “heat” experience, which helps prepare one for nationals.
      I knew hosting a waveski division this year the first weekend of October would be a long shot, but I figured if we could just get only 2 or 3 top competitors from each coast, I would feel good about recommending it with AAU nationals.
      I was thinking, if at least Tyler and Fletch could come back and drag one or two with them, then throw in Steve and Greg from the east coast and drag along one or two with them, then we’d have something real to show.
      It appears from what I’ve seen here so far and that no one has said yet they’d consider coming in early October this year, I’m going to recommend if Texas hosts AAU nationals, let’s not count on a waveski division, but if we can next year, it would be a real possibility. I doubt the AAU would be willing to include waveski unless there’s a lot of local support and I don’t know if that’ll happen on the east or west coast. Locally, we have momentum and interest right now and I just hate to let it slip by…
      Again, seems like best shot would be if Texas can put this off till next year.

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