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      Here is a list of names we have registered so far, there will be more added here soon.

      If you are not on this list, contact us asap please. We still have spots open and will be closing down the registration this week. If you are not registered do it now please.

      Ventura is the Best Waveski Competitions in the U.S. and one of the few Surf specific SUP Events running in the U.S.
      We use ASP trained judges
      We run a fun event with a good social vibe combined with good competition.
      See what the best Waveski and SUP Surfers are doing and what they are riding.

      Looking forward to a good show to be put on by the following competitors

      Collin McPhillips
      Dan Dan Gavere
      Michael Abare
      Lionel Angibud (France)
      Caroline Angibud (France)
      Chris Boland
      Brian Gilbert
      Chris Hamm
      Drew Kurt
      Byron Kurt
      Jason Leeds
      Andrew McGinnis
      Emmy Merrill
      Michael Skelly
      Jon Tamiyasu
      Chuck Trout
      Frank Umipig
      Diane Wenzel
      Jay Wild
      Mathieu Barbarit (France)
      Dallas Boggs
      Fletcher Burton
      Frank Casciotta
      Kate Duncan
      Don Forster
      Geoffrey Garth
      Val Goodfellow
      Jim Grossman
      Mike Harrington
      Mathew Hoff
      Geoffrey Jennings
      Jason Kozun
      Tyler Lausten
      William Luhrs
      Blair Moore
      Dan Phillips
      Jim Riecks
      Steve Riordan
      Tim Ryan
      Janis Ryan
      Dennis St. Clair
      Gordon Winterburn
      Michael Wright

      Questions? Email me at briank@uswaveski.com
      Or call 954-821-3232

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      we’ve got some surf right now, but I just can’t get motivated cause there’s only one place I wish I was surfing right now and that’s Cal.
      I hope you f’ers get surf tomorrow that’s a solid triple overhead, a million boardies dropping in, 50mph crosswinds, tons of kelp, maybe a few sharks, let’s see, what else can I think of that’ll put me at ease for missing this year… Oh, how about this, a Mister Nude contest going on simultaneously at the point, right next to the judges stand. Yeah, that’d give me some warm fuzzies…
      Ha, ha, ha. You know I’m kidding. I hope everyone has a great time and someone please dedicate a wave to me tomorrow. Missing out this year 😥 is pretty gut-wrenching for me.

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