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      Since I bought my G Force a few years ago, I have found it very slow as you may have read in some of my postings.
      My Wavemaster is quick in comparison, but very heavy as it is a pop out, not to mention that the bottom is rippled and pocked with divots from the foam shrinking back. It should be a snail. But it is still by far faster.
      The seat location built into the G Force seemed to make the tail drag. I was blaming this on excessive tail rocker.
      I fiddled with different fins, made a new higher foam seat, moved the seat way forward in an effort to get my weight forward to get it to stop dragging the tail.
      Well, last week after getting pissed at not catching one wave in the last 3 sets. I pulled the seat off out in the water (it’s mounted with Velcro) and put the seat back as far as it would go. Then sat on the back edge of the seat. Then proceeded to catch two exceptional waves, with pretty good speed.
      It seems that maybe my weight being forward was making the ski plow through the water (a displacement hull). Moving my weight farther back than the seat, would allow the ski to plane.
      I’m going to carve the foam seat a bit more to allow me to sit yet a little farther back.
      I’ll post the results.

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      my gforce was a snail also,,,,,,,,, I think it was the rocker and big soft rails esp in the tail. I don’t have them anymore cept for the one I’m modifying.

      My Wm’s are much faster. You seem to be on the right track. But what I did to maximize paddling speed was find the center of the rocker(usually in the middle) and see how much board should stick out of the water in front(even did this w the WM shovel nose I ride) Then either move the seat back or your Center of balance to match that while you are paddling. Once on the wave then you can adjust your weight(balance) where needed. ramon

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      Thanks for the notes Ramon.
      I guess it really depends on the shape of the nose of the ski to use your method. The WM has quite a flip upwards, the G Force has a more subtle entry.
      Anyway the proof is in the pudding as they say….
      I had the G Force out for 4 hours on Saturday morning in chest high conditions with the seat moved way back.
      A huge difference. The best rides I had on this ski since I got it. I enjoyed it immensely.
      So my intuition was incorrect. In this case riding off the tail makes this ski plane out faster than riding off the center of the rocker.
      Another lesson learned.

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