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      Hey y’all;
      It was a bit cold getting in, but as soon as I arrived at the small line up, all was well with life.
      The first rides for me this year were pretty darned good, small waves but fun.
      A boardie friend of mine coaxed me out first thing in the morning. It was supposed to be one star on MagicSeaweed. Not great conditions, but what the heck, I was itchy, and mostly “the Seaweed” is not spot on.
      It was weird weather, side wind, the sun went in and out, air was about 45 degrees (for all my southern friends), water is about 42. At one point, it clouded over, rained then started with some wet snow, then the sun came out again.
      About 3 hours in the water.
      I got the usual question….what is that thing anyway? It looks fun.
      The next comment was…let’s see that thing go? Well, that panned out quite well, as I caught the next set, and had a really nice ride to open the season.
      Nova Scotia, that little dangly thing hanging off the east of Canada.

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      Good to hear – I was wondering about you up there. Glad you got out. I read about snow in New England yesterday. Anybody got a phone number for Al Gore???

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