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      Bob Wright will be at Loma del Mar near Jaco December 2 thru 14,2011. Then Jan 9 thru 18,2012 Then Feb 8 thru 17,2012. Will be surfing Hermosa(5), Esterillos(3), Jaco(3), La Isla and Boca Barranca if it is breaking. I have 3 waveskis and two paddles and two long boards at the house. 8′ and 40″stf. Loma del Mar has a good deal going with free airport transfers and extra rental days after one week. The waves are more forgiving this time of year and it is the dry season so weather should be clear. Check conditions anytime at http://www.rovercam.com The houses are at http://www.lomasurfclub.com
      We need some better waveskiers to feature on the rovercam. Bring it. Costa Rica is fun and beautiful.
      We have daily video. Winners at Ventura can use their prize week. Other times are good too but just wanted to let folks know when I am going. Brian K and Roy S can fill you in too. I can provide help with trip planning etc. Let us know …..

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      It’s official we are going!!
      Jan 19 thru 26th
      Sorry to say only a small part of the Florida Paddle Gang will make the trip
      Greg, Steve & I will be staying at one of Bob’s places in Loma del Mar fantastic surf destination
      Yesterday I spoke to Freddy , he confirmed we should have consistent & glassy conditions. Keep your eyes out for us on the rover cam

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      Great to hear you are coming. I will see if I can extend my trip to overlap. Of course you can check http://www.rovercam.com to see how the waves are looking now and until you arrive. I hope to get some the week before you come but I do not always go out with Greivin our camera man. I hope to see some more folks down in February too as I mentioned in a previous post. I have put the Dec 5 rovercam archive video on my phone so I can review one of the first days of the last trip. You will get a kick out of surfing with Freddy and the other locals. We can hit Esterillos Oeste or Jaco if size becomes an issue in Hermosa.
      Pura Vida.

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      Hi Bob
      It would be great if you could extend your trip & surf with the crew!
      I’ve been checking the rover cam … Looks like we will have fun size surf.
      Not sure what you mean by Size Issues, chest to head high waves are fun, bigger stuff can be more of a challenge.
      Counting the days, hope to see you there!

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      we are here!!
      fun size & bigger sets.. warm water. great vibe. The locals may have seen one ski on occasion, but 3 is a bit different story. All is good lots of Pura Vida greetings from the locals & the food has been awesome
      Bob’s place is outstanding!! Great views, excellent local surfing beaches
      Yesterday the rovercam caught some of our fun, check it out

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