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      For those that are not on Facebook, here is the latest post (about two hours ago of this posting).

      Day one in Ventura brought good waves with great moves by the competitors. Tomorrow’s Open Waveski Semi Finals include Tyler Lausten, Fletcher Burton, Blair Moore, Mike Wessels, Francisco Nascimento, and Ian McLeod. Open SUP Semi Finals include Kai McPhillips Chris Hamm, Colin McPhillips, Robert Trow, Dax McPhillips, Daniel Hughes, Gary Ross, and Brian Gilbert. Thanks for making todays competition exciting and Good Luck to all tomorrow!


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      These results came from Ventura Waveski Championship Facebook page for those who do not use Facebook.

      2013 Ventura Paddlesurfing Championship Results:
      (forgive any misspellings)

      US National Waveski Champs
      1 Tyler Lausten
      2 Fletcher Burton
      3 Jason Kozun
      4 Geoffrey Jennings

      SUP Open
      1 Collin McPhillips
      2 Daniel Hughes
      3 Kai McPhillips
      4 Dax McPhillips

      Waveski Open
      1 Tyler Lausten
      2 Blair Moore
      3 Ian Macleod
      4 Mike Wessels

      Womens SUP
      1 Diane Wenzel
      2 Terri Plunket

      Surf Kayak
      1 Matthew Hoff
      2 Geoffrey Jennings
      3 Chris Bensch

      1 Eric Luhrs
      2 Mike Harrington
      3 Bill Luhrs

      SUP Legends
      1 Gary Ross
      2 Robert Trow
      3 Michael Skelly
      4 Jon Tamiyasu

      Waveski Legends
      1 Don Forster
      2 Michael Wright

      Waveski Grand Masters
      1 Roger Adams
      2 Steve Gibbs
      3 Mike Harrington
      4 Eric Luhrs

      SUP Masters
      1 Byron Kurt
      2 Diane Wenzel
      3 Andrew McGuinnes
      4 Romeo Legaspi

      Waveski Masters
      1 Blair Moore
      2 Ian Macleod
      3 Fletcher Burton
      4 Geoffrey Jennings

      SUP Senior
      1 Daniel Hughes
      2 Chris Hamm
      3 Griffin Ross
      4 Dave Figlioli

      Waveski Senior
      1 Jason Kozun
      2 Mike Wessels
      3 Matthew Hoff
      4 Chris Bensch

      and finally

      SUP Junior (who both made it to the Finals!)
      1 Kai McPhillips (age 11)
      2 Dax McPhillips (age 9)

      Congratulations to all of our competitors and see you next year!

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