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      The water up here is unusually warm this year. It’s been room temperature (20 degrees C) for 3 weeks now.
      I have noticed a lot of new folks and visitors in the line ups. All having a good time and being courteous. I guess the word of great surfing in NS has gotten out.
      Had a couple of really good sessions, with some very memorable rides.
      The Woodyski for small days, and the WM Evo for slightly larger days.

      I hope you ladies and gentlemen are having a great summer!

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      About three weeks back I took out my new J-Bay to JAX beach here in Florida. My daughter came along with her longboard and we were fortunate enough to have glassy three to five foot waves from 9 am until we left at 2 pm. We quit due to fatigue and too many swimmers. You couldnt safely navigate the end of your riders without having to worry about smacking into a group of children.

      I am pleased with my new J-Bay. It has the inherent stability of a yoga ball when sitting still but with amy forward motion cleans right up. It seems about 30% faster than my G-Force with a diminished ability to turn. It more carves than slashes but I dont care for all that jinking around. I just want to flow smoothly. Top turns at the end of the ride to avoid the final beach dump were effortless. I really enjoyed myself as did my daughter.

      I like to color up my ski and decided to conjure the spirit of Donald Takayama. He liked color too.

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      The water has stayed very warm up here for an extended period of time.
      It’s still at least 70 degrees, just plain beautiful. And the fall sun to go with it.
      Since last Thursday some swell come in, probably the same swell as Greenwave reported.
      As I am a working guy, I didn’t get out until after supper on Thursday, but stayed well after dark as there was a bright full moon.
      Lawrencetown was a bit too busy at both breaks, so I drove another 10 minutes down the road to Seaforth where a nice A frame develops at mid tide.
      A group of familiar boardies (8 to 10) and myself enjoyed wave after wave.
      I only had one “spectacular” wipe out, an end over end maneuver that spit me out upright.
      This is just the best time of year!
      Kevin from Nova Scotia

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      Nova Scotia sounds lovely.

      Florida sounds equally wonderful.

      Our freshwater inland sea has decided to sea a record for flat fall ; and me with a new ski!

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      Laker, make a trip out our way, and break in that fancy new ski before the weather decides to change! I’ll show you around.
      With the impending swell from the latest hurricane I ventured to the local breaks over the last three evenings hoping to get some rides. Monday yielded huge people eaters with any sheltered breaks either dangerous or crowded. Tuesday was still big, ugly & choppy.
      Last night was just right! Offshore light winds, and nice sets rolling in at Seaforth. Along with about 1/2 dozen surfers I was getting some nice rides.
      Surfed for 2 hours, well after sunset (too bad it gets dark so darned early).
      I have to say I was very tired when I put the ski on the roof.
      Kevin in Nova Scotia

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      Saturday, might have been the last rides for the season for me.
      One of my buddies called me up to say there was a nice wave coming in at one of our usual haunts.
      It was raining, about 45F (7C) out, and the water about 50F(10C), but he was right, some nice sets coming in, waist to shoulder and smooth. And it stopped raining.
      The spot was quite populated (15?), but we all had our turn.
      After about 3 hours and several great rides, it was time to come in.
      I had no problem walking over the rocks on the way to the car as I couldn’t feel my feet.
      But my Ocean Rodeo drysuit kept the rest of me nice and warm.
      I hope everyone else out there is pushing the season.

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      Amusing anecdote :

      I went out in junk surf a couple of days back ; 3 – 4 , choppy outside , some nice rights inside. I attempted a late take-off … risky business on a really long ski. Lots of board length behind the seat making the craft pearl prone on late drops unless I top turn , which I did not. As I caught a rail at the bottom I saw a surfer inside of me , too close for comfort with my 10 ft. leash. Since I use knee/thigh straps rather than a seat belt I feared hitting the guy inside when I separated from the ski in the developing wipe out , so I pulled my feet up in an attempt to hang on by the straps. The big ski went sideways in the whitewater and there was no chance that the straps would take that load – they both let loose at the center attachment. The surfer inside had taken evasive action and all was well , except that my session was compromised the torn straps. I figured it would be educational to attempt to ride without foot attachment , so I caught 2 decent inside waves and got fairly good rights despite the handicap. Time to wrap it up , which meant catching a small inside sand sucker to the beach. As soon as I started to drop I leaned back to lift the nose – and fell flat on my back. I had forgotten about the busted straps , and had no way of righting myself , so I sucked up my pride and pretended that I had intended to do a coffin ride as a grand finale.

      I felt very foolish. But , any day of surfing is a plus at this stage of the game. 64 years old ; not getting any easier. 40 degree air , 45 degree water. Replay coming this Tuesday , ski repaired and ready.

      The end.

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      All is well that ends well I guess Laker. Making it look “casual” works just fine sometimes.
      I always say, just one ride makes it all worth while.
      So the new ski does the job?
      I hope to be as avid as you at that age, especially in those chilly temperatures.
      Kevin in Nova Scotia

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      “So the new ski does the job?”

      The new Ski is interesting. And large.

      I wanted a Big Ski for purposes of competing with the SUPs , and for an even more comfortable/easier ride as I , well , age. I was riding some really long surfboards prior to converting to waveski. Steve Boehne nailed the rocker I wanted , and the plan form is great , but for some reason he beefed up the volume – especially in the rails – more than was necessary. As a result the turning characteristics are different from my good old 9’6″ polyester ski.The old ski will set the rial and carve through a roundhouse cutback. The new ski kind of sways through the same maneuver. Sometimes I will lose partial control in such a turn , maybe even side slip , then reset the fin/rail and drive out of a slidey stall. It’s kind of fun , and I let the nearby surfers think it is intentional. It took a really long time for me to get the fin selection and placement right. It is simply amazing to me how sensitive these big skis are to fin factors! I settled on a single 4′ midway in the box. There is a LOT of ski aft of the fin. Tricky in tiny waves – the wave lifts the tail and makes the ski want to ‘auto kick-out”.

      On the up side – I have not ridden the old ski in a year. (kind of sad actually ; it is a great wave craft…) I need to get the old poly out for certain conditions – small and hollow. It fits better and turns shorter. I am having a blast on the new ski – wave catching machine , great section maker , very cool looking …

      2 days ago a had a great session – alone in a sheltered cove , 3-4 ft w/ lite to moderate offshores , great rights. Really warm for December – 50 degree air 40 degree water. The big Ski really fit those down the line rights well , climbing and dropping , making the sections. The rest of the gang was duking it out at a much more exposed break , sideshore wind tearing to tops off.

      Last 2 falls we were iced in by this date. I love the extended surf season. More to come.

      End of report.

      “An elagent weapon from a more civilized time”.

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      Ted Hardie

      Hey Laker,

      Read your report on a “new” ski from Infinity and am curious what you ordered from Steve. It sounds like you picked up a stinger or something similar.

      I put a deposit down on a new Dominator a little over a month ago, to replace the Infinity surftech’s I’ve had over the past decade. The ‘D” is pricy but knowing I’m not likely to be buying many more now that I’ve hit 70 pushed me that direction. Steve assured me the 10′ D will perform as well as the 9’ surftech stinger so I was hooked.

      Weather here is the polar opposite of yours.. El Nino has water temps up near 80, just about the same as the air. Surfs was good thru summer and winter is just pumping. Props to you guys for hanging in there with the cold. Epic stuff.

      Thanks for keeping the forum alive.

      Aloha Ted

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      Hello Ted – Another voice in the dark!

      70 year old Waveski rider in Hawaii , eh? Do you see any other ‘Skis in the water in your neck of the woods? I am an army of 1 here.

      It may surprise you when I say that I am not complaining about the weather here – in the last 2 years we were iced in by now. I played 2 rounds of golf and surfed this last week – El Nino is welcome here!

      As to the Dominator , I rode one for a few months. I went back to a rudderless ski , primarily because of our local conditions. The rudder , while enabling great maneuverability , does generate drag. Our waves are not as powerful as those of the ocean , so I did not like the deceleration when I laid the rudder hard over. In addition , our wave period is much shorter – 7 seconds on a good day ; 10 is rare. I need to pivot on very short notice in some take off situations. You cannot pivot well with a rudder on the transom , rather one must gain forward speed and turn , like a small boat.

      My first experience on a rudder Ski was also my first Waveski ride – with Boehne on a 13 ft. (!) tandem Ski San Onofre about 7 years ago. From that experience , added to my brief stint on a 10 ft Dominator , I think that the sky is the limit regarding ski length when using the rudder system. The 13 footer turned on a dime , pivoting on the central fin. If I ever went back to the rudder the Ski would be huge , maybe 11 ft.

      I would think that cruising reef to reef on a long rudder controlled Waveski in the ocean would be grand. With your long wave period you will have all the room in the world to paddle parallel to the swell , then lay the rudder over just as the wave face meets you and turn into the drop. That is the design intention as I understood it ; just not enough time and space in our swell condition .

      Gotta go – church time’. Hoping to ride my cushy big Ski (named “Oldsmobile”…) tomorrow.

      Fill us (all 3 or 4 of us) in with some surf reports!


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      Ted Hardie

      Thanks for your thoughts on the dominator. Pretty close to my own SWAG. I guess time will tell. Yep, the typical swell period here is 12 and 15 seconds, with occasional longer period swells edging closer to 20. When it’s that big/long/gnarly I become a spectator now days. Better that than being reef meat. And, 70 isn’t all bad… least I don’t have to worry about croaking at 69. That would have been awkward.

      There are a few more waveski surfers here now. I know of seven for sure and probably a few others I haven’t met yet. There are three semi-regulars at the reef we surf. The long paddle to get there and occasional tiger shark encounter keep most of the short boards and kids away. SUP are now regulars to the area so I am hoping the bigger ski will help even that side of the game. It’s just counterintuitive to me that a longer board will have more performance. Fingers are crossed it will be just the ticket to keep me surfing a few more years. “All hail the rudder” might be my new mantra.

      Albeit slow as dribbling tar, I am enjoying the mellower tone of the forum. Pray for surf dude…. Aloha

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      Ted –

      You asked if my Oldsmobile is a Stinger … My daughter tried downsizing an image for me – we’ll see if it worked.

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      Ted Hardie

      Very cool board Laker….! I like the foot straps you added.

      Steve’s supposed to let me know how mines coming along after a visit to his factory today. Fingers crossed it will have already been started or close to it.

      Enjoy the warm weather

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      Footstraps came with Ski.

      Please post images of your new ride when available. I’ll bet you will do a batter job of posting than I did “It’s just counterintuitive to me that a longer board will have more performance. “

      The key with the longer rudder Ski lies in the fact that the aft mounted rudder will cause the craft to pivot around the central fin when a high rudder angle is induced. You can make the Ski zig zag all over the place if you want to. The trick is to learn to make smooth , slight rudder changes. My first Ski session on the tandem 13 footer with Boehne included cutbacks and a floater – on a13 foot Ski with 350 pounds worth of humans aboard! It is a very different ride ; you are in for a fun learning curve.

      I envy your 15 second period and your upcoming experience.

      I share your anticipation for your new wave craft. Charles

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