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      With summer being a slow time (no waves) I’ve been researching fins for my waveski. I have an Island Waveski, intermediate level thats 7’8″ long and 27″ wide. I’m 190-195 lbs and live in Jacksonville Florida….. I have a 5 fin setup so i can go quad or thruster…. the boxs are futures and center is standard fin box… I use Futures SB1 3.5 with quad rear 3.75 or 4.5 Rainbow center fin.. I would like to improve the quality of my fins or have a variety…. We basically have 1.5 – 2′ waves in summer and up to waist high in fall/winter…. They are usually steep, beach break waves… Any recommendations for types / sizes or where to find them…. Most fins available are > 4″ which is and geared to surfers which is not my preference.. I want less drag and more speed..

      thanks, Mark

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      Have you checked out the fins from http://finsciences.com/ ?
      I have a large single fin on one of my skis, and I have to say, I’m quite impressed.
      I bought mine before they offered thruster and quad set ups.
      Kevin in Nova Scotia.

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      Thanks Kevin, I had seen those but wasn’t sure how well they worked. I was up in your neighborhood in the spring. Nova Scotia is incredibly beautiful. My wife and I rented an RV in Halifax and travelled the country for 9 days. I had forgotten you lived there or I would have looked you up.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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