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      I have a Tsunami Airski for sale. I have had the board for about 2 – 3 years and it has been great but I have outgrown it. My daily board is a Tsunami but a smaller lighter version. This board has a very tough construction with a great skin that will absorb most bashing about. It has fully adjustable seat and footwell so your length is no question. It has a small nick on the back bump but other than that the board is clean.

      The board is perfect for a heavier skier who wants a high performance board, it could probably take a 230lbs experienced skier. I weighed 195lbs and when I started using it it was great, very stable and forgiving. This board really comes alive in big waves and for the last year or so I have been using it only for that, relying on my smaller Tsunami for the day to day.

      The board has a decent rocker and durability is incredible. The Airski has a high seat placement a few inches off the unsunken deck and that takes a bit of getting used to. However, once you master this seat position you will enjoy a great deal more mobility in the board and body. This is why the board wins championships.

      This board can essentially take any rider regardless of your height or weight. The only determining factor is the skill level. If you are lightweight and skilled this board will be too big for you. Board comes with 3 fins, belt, and footwells, ready to use.

      Specs: Length = 8′.3″ Width = 26″.75 Weight = 27 lbs

      Email me if you are interested at: chrissafari@yahoo.com

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      Drew McNeely

      Hey Chris,
      This is Drew out on the east coast in Charleston SC. I wondered if your board was still for sale? I am 6-3 and weight 210.I am currently riding a 10-2 Kaos and looking to upgrade ASAP.

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      Hi Drew

      Sorry, got sidetracked there for a while dealing with a massive shoulder injury from trying to surf a strom surge:) I have 2 Tsunamis and a Wavemaster for sale. Feel free to call me if you are still interested at 619 573 8656.


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