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      7’10 x 25.5 seat to feet is 38″ or for someone 5’9 to 6’1 up to ~190+ lbs depending on skill level.

      This board was left in car in the sun and sustained a pretty major delam to the bottom/nose. it was about 6 months old when this happened, with light use and proper care beforehand.

      it has been properly fixed (by me) and is ready to get wet again!! no water damage so board is structurally sound. basically a new TL! save $400!

      ill post pics if there is interest. Maroon bottom and rails and cream deck.

      There arent many used TL’s floating around so I suggest you make a move if you are interested. 🙂 $1200 includes seat no belt/footstraps but I have those available new (out of fins right now).

      Thanks and ALOHA!


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