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      Here I am , the only person on the USWA Forum this Sunday morning. To the 2 or 3 people who are likely to view this I present the following question:
      What killed this once lively Waveski discussion forum?

      My lack of understanding of the situation is probably related to the fact that I do not participate in any other form of “social media’ , other than e-mail. Call me a dinosaur if you wish. There was once a very active Great Lakes surfing forum ; it died a similar death. By contrast , I participate in several forums which are firearms based ; they are very active.

      If one of you few remaining ghosts in this machine could clue me in I would appreciate it.

      Still here , Laker

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      Oh I’m still here Laker….
      And once in a while I check in to see what folks are saying / discussing.
      I especially like Ramon’s posts.
      I have gleaned an immense amount of knowledge from all of the contributors on this forum through the years. It is a shame to see it go quiet. Hell, surflineup isn’t even telling us about his latest conquest.
      I’m not sure what is happening with forums such as this. I have seen it happen to others though.
      I guess there is some kind of change gradually taking place?
      Maybe SUP’s are the latest rage? Is this why Roy had little interest in his Spring contest?
      Maybe folks have clumped into close groups who only stay in touch with each other?
      I think waveski.info is still going strong.
      All I know is that I can’t wait to get my ass into the water again. And I will continue to contribute when I can.
      Hope to hear from you as well.
      Scooterboy in the cold part of the Atlantic.

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      me too. waveski.info all I get is an error message. I think that site faded about 2-3 years ago. Then it was partially revived with some past posts archive….but now nothing. It might just be
      waveski in general. I have many questions about design and equipment options I could pose with lots of photo’s. I’m redoing/repairing a few boards…………..r

      maybe there is more interest in SUP’s. I’d try it out but I can barely get up off the ground so any water action will have to be sitting down. For the past 2-3 months I could barely walk(with a cane). I think it’s my hip flexor. It seems to get much worse if I try and waveski. But I will prevail.

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      Well , hello usual suspects. While SUP’s have become very popular , I doubt that the former regular users of this site have quit their waveskis. Regarding the aforementioned Great Lakes site (Third Coast) , my local lineup is more crowded than ever on a good day , but the forum traffic has dried up.

      I am beginning to think that it is a generational thing. Now that I think of it , the forum traffic dried up over the same time period in which the last of my generation stopped showing up in the water. There must be an element of cause and effect there. Different motives for surfing , different ways of processing the experience… NO VIDEO – IT NEVER HAPPENED!!! , for example. As to all of the 40 – 50 year old ski riders who used to post here , I just don’t know.

      I am the last guy standing (pun intended) of my generation , 2 bad knees , torn rotator cuff notwithstanding. Thank God for the Waveski!

      I tried to post an image of my latest ride – a reallly big Infinity Stinger – but the file was too large. If there is such a thing as downsizing a file , it is lost on me. Suffice to say that my new 9’10” custom Stinger should put me in good standing when the fleet of out of town SUPs shows up this fall. It’s an ARMS RACE !!!


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      If you have an image capture program just capture the image…..that will make it smaller.

      if not embed it in an email program like you are going to send it…if you click on the image

      the four corners should have lil squares…that will allow you to diagonally shrink it

      if not send it to me like you did the last images and I’ll “shrink” and post it for you.

      I’ll post a couple of my lil waveski projects next week……….things you can do at home yourself.


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      Ramon , Sorry to hear about your hip. At least it is a relatively easy joint to replace. How did you reck it?
      I would be happy to send the image of my Infinity Oldsmobile model to you. Share e-mail address via p.m. ?

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      Well , off the original topic , but I guess it doesn’t matter.

      For about 5 years (?) I have been riding a polyester Infinity vee which I thought was a 9 footer. When I first got it I sat outside of just about everybody. I was nice about it , fair and all , and I liked having my pick of waves. Then came the SUPs. Man , those guys can REALLY catch a wave outside! Some , even most of the SUP guys are nice enough , but there are a few wave hogs , and it doesn’t take more than a few of those to seriously “complicate” the lineup. Last fall it dawned on me that I needed a longer ski. So I dialed up Steve Boehne and started to plan a new ski , my second ski and first custom. I measured the good old vee and was shocked to learn that I had been riding 9’6″ all this time! That killed my plans for a 9’6″. I decided that 9’10” was as big as I could go , and I emphasized to Boehne that I needed paddle speed and glide. He built the pictured beauty of a Stinger , with a gradual run to the tail rocker and ample rail volume. I have only ridden it once , and in very small waves , but I love everything about it! Paddling speed , wave catching – almost like cheating , and I could turn easily in small mush. I named it ‘Oldsmobile” , a smooth ride for a “mature” surfer.

      I think that I can ride off into the sunset with this one.

      I love my new Ski! Steve Boehne has enabled me to add at least a decade to my surfing tenure. I converted to Waveski in my late 50’s. I am now 63 , and I’m shooting to ride to 70.

      Did I mention that I love my new Ski?

      Self indulgence complete.


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      Wowsers! Steve does a wonderful job eh? And one hell of a nice guy too.
      Do you ride with both straps and a belt?
      That’s one honey of a ski.

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      I haven’t been on in um, probably a year.Part of that was due to injury, when you can’t paddle it’s hard to live vicariously through others for all that long. The other factor for me was there was a lot of personal level sniping going on like old married couples and I just tired of that. I forgot my first user name after a couple of years, then added this one so it probably looks like I haven’t posted much. Anyways I pulled my ski out tonight and hope to get out in the next few days. I’ll see if all those hours hanging upside down help.

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      Mr. Tables ,

      Glad that you are almost back in the saddle. Best of luck on your return ; I’d be glad to here how it goes.

      Scooter – The photo was taken minutes after the Ski was removed from the shipping box. I do not ride with a lap belt ; it gets way too cold here to endure getting inverted. A detail I forgot to mention : one of the favorable characteristics of my old polyester Ski is the weight – the denser , heavier foam punches through chop and sustains glide really well. In order to replicate this core density Boehne and I decided to forgo the normal 1 1/2 # foam and use 2# foam instead. It may sound odd to those who ride glassy ocean waves , but I do not want a light epoxy Ski. I deal with a lot of wind and chop here. My new craft has significantly greater volume than the older one and weighs about the same , approx. 30 pounds.

      As to Steve Boehne – yeah , a super nice guy. Tied for the nicest , most trusting and generous guy I ever met in all my decades of surfing — Tied with shaping legend Mike Eaton !!!

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      Boy, am I glad to see “print” from you guys!!! I punched in just to see if ANYONE was still alive
      & playing in da water. BRAVO sirs’……Please keep ‘keepin’ on”.

      Our “core” group is still paddling on average 3x’s a week, here at San Onofre.- – -and, Bob O is still
      paddling rings around us at 85 years YOUNG!!
      WAVESKIING is still my passion, and I ain’t gonna quit anytime soon.


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      I think Facebook killed it and one poster who kept posting off topic posts to everything.

      There are some face book pages for wave skiing, and a lot of us are face book friends.

      Brian posts stuff for the USwaveski assoc meets. Guess next one is in Ventura.

      I know some folks seem to not be getting out much lately. I have also taken up SUP surfing but still surf the wave ski.

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      Jim … Jim King perhaps? I met the Ski crew at San Onofre a few years back during my waveski initiation. I remember Bob ; you guy were kidding him one morning as he pulled on his wetsuit – ” Wow Bob! You are RIPPED!!! ” Good to hear that the core group is still there. Wish I was!

      VSG , good to hear from one of the old regulars. Is it your impression that waveski activity has been reduced by the surge of SUPs? I tried to convert a few of my contemporaries up in this neck of the woods , but no go. I am an army of one from my generation , last one still surfing and only ski , and there are lots of stand-ups.

      Nothing remains the same.

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      You are THE MAN. Remain Strong!!
      If you can jump in that frigid evir. you should be a fine example
      to ALL. Sit down surfing is such a beautiful form,- – – -too bad not
      many people see that!!
      Jim Richards

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      Still doing the ski thing and still answering all the usual questions in the lineup. Is that a kayak? What is that thing? Can you roll it? Most people are very friendly to the gently aging guy on that thing.

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      Here at San O I’ve been refered to as a “Speedbump”- – – -but no matter.
      Our group gets in the water EARLY, grabs a few “sliders”, then goes ashore for
      coffee and some fine answers to the worlds problems………..life is goood!
      Just keep paddlin’ as hard as ya can.


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      All in all , it is great to hear from you guys. seeing as how I have no waveski riders to hang out with in Lake Michigan , this forum is a lifeline.

      Hope we can keep it going. I will file a surf report as soon as there is one ; probably be a while – summer doldrums are upon us. Time to dust off the SUP for flat water workouts. In the meantime , some of you folks might post photos to show me what I am missing in the ocean(s)…?

      Charles , aka Laker.

      P.S. Calling Big Griz — You out there???

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      Hey Charles,

      Thanks for keeping the line open…..
      I hope Memorial is a quite one for you……..It “ain’t” that way here in Crazy Land. Folks go as
      far, and as fast as they possibly go…..IT’S NUTS!!
      I didn’t get in the water on friday…….cause’ it was super flat with windchop……yukkk.
      I live in San Diego, so my trip to San’O is 65 mi. each way….so, by not going, I saved myself
      about 10 bucks in gas.
      Well, dat’s it for now…….

      P.S. I’m not real sure, but I think Briz hung it up. I haven’t heard anything about him….I’ll ck.
      with Mike Johnson.

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      65 Miles to San O from San Diego…. I must live in a different San Diego.
      You should try some breaks closer to home. Last time I surfed San O it was “drop in” hell.

      Macski has moved to the US, and a local wave skier here is trying to be a distributor for them and organize interest in wave skiing. I know some of these folks pretty well but have not been out with them recently. They meet about every Sunday morning at ~7:30 or so on Torrey Pines State Beach if you want someone to surf with closer to home.

      I still get out at least once a week on my ski, I just got home from a very long trip this week and was out thursday AM in Lajolla surfing crap waves.

      I know Rick’s wife was have severe health issues some time ago, I don’t think he was out much, and I also have not heard from him.

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      I am sorry to hear of Griz/Rick’s family misfortune. He struck me as a good waterman , and South Texas always intrigued me , despite the fact that I was never personally there. Warm water and all …

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      I imagine warm climates are on your mind at the moment.
      If your personal or business “orbits” ever bring you to S.D. or L.A., and you
      want to experience the madness of SAN ‘O, and the fine folks in our group,
      give me a shout!!


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      Im having Roy carve me a J Bay. My local break favors SUP surfers. As I said to Roy I want to be like Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights. I like to go fast! We hope its done for Fathers day.

      Roy also told me they don’t do the AST resin layup any more. Their toughest skin now is that new polypropylene cloth that the canoe industry has adopted called Innegra.

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      Congrats. on you getting a new board.- – – – – -Have the MOST fun possible.
      I’m going to ck,-out Innegra matieral (I’ve not heard of it before)
      Have a great summer & watch-out for them’ SUPers’- – – they can be hazardous.

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      Cool links. I liked this video.


      I have to say if I didnt trust Roy completely, and I do, I would be a bit nervous spending so much money on a ski made with a Innegra.

      Pretty excited to pick up my ski and surf down at Cocoa beach.

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      That’s impressive!

      Is there a significant cost factor?

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      Guys it’s SUP
      I converted to SUP because of my back…can’t sit up straight for any length of time…spine offset won’t let me. If you step back to get a wider perspective you will see that things go in cycles….Long Boards>Short Boards>Wind Surfers>Kites>SUP>? Every sport has its surge….long & short boards surfing seems to have the greatest staying power. SUP has a wider appeal than Wave Ski’s as everyone can find some kind of water to SUP on. Far fewer people have access to waves that a ski requires to enjoy. Its all good…the more variety we can experience the better. As they say variety is the spice of life.

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      It has been awhile since I last posted (Mar 2015), just wanted to let you guys know…

      I still have the desire to waveski and will keep you informed, now that I’m fully retired.


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      Greetings from Florida. Haven’t visited this site in a long time. We still have a small but very active group of waveskiers in North Florida. Just had a northeaster bring us some nice swell 4-4.5 plus. It was sweet after suffering the long famine of the summer doldrums. Wish I had video of our last sessions. I will work on posting some pics and videos.

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