Please note that this list is not necessarily broken down by all classes, however it is in the age class order. See note beside each name for class and other information on each rider.


Tyler Lausten, Haiku, Hawaii. Maliko Creations Waveski – Open/Junior

Alexander Stubbs, Massachusetts – Open/Junior *2007 US Junior Champion*


Ricky Miller, Seaside Park, New Jersey. Island Waveskis. – Open/NewAge – Ranked # 1 National Rider *2007 US Open Champion.

Fletcher Burton, Pismo Beach, California. WaveMaster Waveskis. – Open/New Age – Ranked # 2 National Rider *2007 US New Age Champion*

Warren Schultheiss, Santa Barbara, California. Dekka Waveksis. – Open/New Age

Jason Kozun, Moss Landing, California. – Open/New Age

Garrett Kababik, Santa Barbara, California. Valley Kayaks. – Open/New Age/Kayak

Casey Desharnais, Santa Barbara, California. Valley Kayaks. – New Age/Kayak


Tony Cherry, New Zealand. Tsunami Waveskis. – Open/Senior

Vince Shay, California. Island Waveskis & Murky Water Kayaks. – Open/Senior/Kayak

Stephen Moser, California. WaveMaster Waveskis. – Open/Senior

Mourney Erasmus, South Africa, residing in La Selva, California. MacSki. – Open/Senior

Jim Riecks, Ormond Beach, Florida. Island Waveski. – Open/Senior

Xavier Vidal, Peru. Open/Senior


Greg Keenan, Cocoa Beach, Florida. Island Waveski. – Open/Master – Ranked # 3 National Rider *2007 US Masters Champion*

Gavin Hood, Los Angeles, California. Wavemaster Waveskis. – Open/Master

Simon Jones, Los Angeles, California. Wavemaster Waveskis. – Open/Master

Rick Haley, Corpus Christi, Texas. Infinity Waveskis. – Open/Master/Merv Class

Dave Johnston, California. – Master/Kayak

Sean Morely, California. Alan Neighbour Waveskis & Valley Kayaks – Open/Master/Kayak Class


Roger Adams, Ventura, California. Island Waveskis. – Open /Grand Master *2007 US Grand Master Champion*

Stephen M Riordan, Woodbine, Georgia. Island Waveskis. – Open /Grand Master

Frank Caciotta, Spring Hill, Florida. Island Waveskis. – Open/Grand Master

Stewart Diesal Reynolds, Virginia. MacSki Waveskis. – Open/Grand Master

Val Goodfellow, California. – Open/Grand Master

Mark Pastic, California. Island Waveskis. – Open/Grand Master/Kayak


Michael T Wright, Capistrano Beach, California. – Open/Veteran

Lannie M Spencer, Piedmont, California. – Open/Veteran

Dennis St.Claire, Costa Mesa, California. – Open/Veteran/Kayak

Rick McGrath, Ventura, California. – Open/Veteran/Merv Class

Jock Scott, Ventura, California.Veteran

Chuck Menzel, Ventura, California. Infinty Waveskis. – Veteran/Merv

Rob “Hollywood” Canali, New Jersey. Island Waveski. – Open/Veteran


Jim Grossman, , California. – Open/Merv/Kayak

Kate Smith, , California. – Open/Kayak

Chris Russ, Canyon Country, California. – Open/Kayak

Geoff Jennings, Sacremento, California. – Open/Kayak

Teresa Rogerson, Boulder Creek, California. – Open/Kayak


William Luhrs, Redondo Beach, California. Wavemaster Waveskis. – Open/Merv

Mike Harrington, Santa Barbara, California. KS Waveskis & Infinity Waveskis – Open/Merv


Current Vendors/Sponsors

WaterSports Productions LLC. Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida.

Contest & Event marketing, production and management.

Tsunami Waveski, New Zealand.

Kayak Connection, Santa Cruz California

Graphic Vendor, Santa Barabara, California.

IslandWaveski, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Santa Barbara PaddleSports, Santa Barabara, California.

Valley Kayaks, California.

Barry Rothstien Insurance, Ventura, Ca.

Current List Ventura Competitors, Classes and Sponsors.

One thought on “Current List Ventura Competitors, Classes and Sponsors.

  • August 21, 2008 at 9:49 am

    Brian, Thank you for putting on this event. I can’t even
    imagine all the time and effort that is going into it.
    I’m comming up to watch. I’ll introduce myself – – thanks again.

    Jim Richards

    P.S. I hope this event will give waveskiing a much needed
    shot in the arm. We’re getting pushed-out by the SUP’ers.


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