When it was time for Alexander to decide where he wanted to go to college he knew it had to have consistent nearby surf. Alexander Stubbs 19 year old National Junior Waveski Champion left his home town of Sudbury Massachusetts with all he would need for college crammed in, on and hanging from his jeep. Four waveskis, a surfboard, kayak, skim board, mountain bike and a pile of musky wetsuits which had surfed there last icy east coast session for a while. Alexander headed some 3074.71 miles across the country to U.C. Berkeley. This school was the perfect fit for Alexander’s major in Physics and Integrated Biology. The Berkeley campus is located in the heart of San Francisco. Alexander is looking forward to being able to go get his favorite meal Fes Enjan a Iranian Dish anytime he wants now that he is in the big city. Along with being a amazing Major International City it is also a beach town full of a hardcore mixture of always overhead beach breaks, tubing rock slabs and cobble stone points. With the first North Swells rolling in for the season Alexander has taken advantage of the waves in preparation for gunning for his Second National Waveski Title this year held at C-Street Ventura, CA Oct. 30 & 31st.


Alex is one of the very few representing waveski in the S.F. right now. I am sure he’s not gone unnoticed as he can be seen often at his favorite spot Ocean Beach and he is starting to fit in with the pecking order with nasty crew at Fort Point directly under the Golden Gate Bridge. He says he rarely thinks anymore about how he is surfing in the heart of the Red Triangle (the epicenter of Great White Sharks in the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Bay).

Although only wavesking three years now the National Champion has been in the water forever from underwater scuba photography to surfing. He has been really lucky to experience tons of new places while getting to live in so many cool areas like Chile, Australia, Seattle, La Jolla, Santa Barbara, Hawaii and Bradbury, Massachusetts.


When asked about his influences he was reluctant to say any because there are so many rippers but he said “Rees Duncan for all around ,Mathieu Babarit, Dave Mitchell and Nikki Carstiens for smoothness and I like the airs that Tony Cherry and Luke Herman do.”

With Alexander’s quiver of Island, Tsunami, Dekka and Nikki Carsteinsski’s he has definitely got a board for all the wide conditions that northern California can have to offer.

Some of Alexander’s 2008 Winter Plans are lots of school, exploring the S.F. spots as well as also looking forward to spending time in the Santa Cruz area and hopefully getting to charge with some of the local hard cores like Rusty Sage. In asking Alexander about if the rumors are true about him attempting Mavericks this year he said. “Um that’s top secret”.

Keep fighting the good fight Alex!



List of questions asked to Alex that had to be answered in less than 10 seconds.

Word / Answer

Motorcycle / Helmet

McDonalds / Blah

New Zealand / Silver Tree

Roll / Paddle

Epoxy / Delam

Airplane / Broken board

Earplugs / Docs

East Coast / some surf, Biggie

West Coast / Lots of Surf, TuPac

Indo / Insane

Kirra / Right

Wave machine / Fair Bits

*USWA Would like to thank both Alexander and fletcher for this contribution!*

US National Junior Champion Cali Bound
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