Classic Interview About Waveskis From 1981 Courtesy of Doug Greaves from Austrailia. Thanks Doug, Great Stuff!

Hi there.

I’ve just uploaded onto Youtube a video from 1981, which was broadcast in Australia on the children’s show “Simon Townsends Wonder World”. It was all filmed at Dee Why Point in Sydney, which was probably the most popular spot for waveskis back then.

The in-water filming was done by a professional film company that was hired by Peter Stuyvesant, the cigarette manufacturer. They were sponsors of the NSW State Titles and they paid for a short documentary about the competition. Fortunately, they agreed to make their film available for the TV show.

Most of the skis in the video were from Raider and were shaped by John Christensen and Roger Shackleton. The riders are Mike Petrie, John, Roger, Paul Wise, Gordon Lang and a few others whose names I can’t remember.

I believe the white Wavemaster was the first epoxy ski ever made. Unfortunately the glasser didn’t really know how to use epoxy, so it was about 15kg (and a dog), which didn’t help to market the benefits of epoxy resin! However, it would bounce off rocks without leaving a mark. Which was handy, as I used to hit a lot of rocks.

I don’t think there’s much high-quality video of waveskis from 30 years ago. So I hope you enjoy this little bit of history.

Best wishes,
Doug Greaves

Classic Interview About Waveskis From 1981
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